Dubai police arrests gang for stealing Bitcoin [BTC]

A 10-men gang has been arrested by the Dubai police after they had reportedly stolen AED 7 million [around 1.9 million USD] from a prospective Bitcoin buyer. The culprits were arrested less than 48 hours after the police received a report of the robbery incident. Police authorities claim that the recently integrated artificial intelligence [AI] technology at their disposal helped with the timely arrest of the gang.

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency or digital currency and a worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as it works without a central bank or single administrator. Bitcoin has grown in popularity in recent years and its value was at an all-time high of $20,000 in December of 2017.

The police report states that the gang trapped two brothers who were looking to buy Bitcoin. The gang was led by one Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] national and other members of Asian origin. The supposed thieves convinced the brothers that they had Bitcoin that they wanted to sell. The gang tricked a shop owner into renting his shop for the evening, but in reality, the shop owner wanted to sell his shop.

Having access to the shop, the gang laid an ambush for the brothers. 3 members stood outside the shop and 6 were inside the shop. As soon as the brothers entered the shop, they were ambushed by the gang members. According to reports, the gang members were armed with guns and had sharp objects. They managed to subdue the brothers and steal their money before escaping. The robbery transpired in the Al Muraquabbat area on April 25th.

After the arrest, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, the Commander-In-Chief of the Dubai police, praised his men for their work in capturing the suspects despite the lack of evidence at the crime scene.

Major Abdullah says:

“Using AI helped Dubai Police to arrest a Gulf National, who is the head of the gang, and other Asian suspects. The information from the data analysis centre helped the officers arrest all the gang members.”

Major Abdullah advised the prospective buyers to use the official channels when buying/selling cryptocurrency to avoid falling into the traps of the robbers.

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