Digital Cash [DASH] gives a heads-up about the budget plan

On Tuesday, 15th May, Dash Core Group made an announcement regarding their budget planning update. They feel that providing transparency has got significant value. Many community members had requested that they would like to understand about their plans to submit proposals to the Dash network.

Dash Core Group says that by providing budget forecasts back to their community would enable to align their timing of the proposals. They said that this understanding would make our entire treasury system more effective.

The solution that they have come with to help address this issue is to show all of their proposals at the latest by budget mid-cycle and to provide advanced notice of their proposal requests. With this statement, they have published a medium-term budget plan of proposals about the near future. They are going to update the published plan on a monthly basis as the prices of DASH and budget projections can change.

The strategy to minimize our tax liability is going to affect the budget proposals of the core team over the next three months. Dash cCre Group does not expect to generate much taxable income.

Dashpay has tweeted:

“Financial Freedom means learning to love uncertainty (with chuck Williams from #Dash) #digitalcash #crypto #aier”

Alex John, Cryptocurrency enthusiast has tweeted

“Good to know that DASH core team feels strongly about the transparency”

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