Crypto investor in dilemma to hold or sell Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ethereum [ETH] or Ripple [XRP]

Ran Neu-Ner is the founder and CEO of ‘The Creative Counsel’ and the host of CNBC Africa’s show on Digital currencies ‘Crypto Trader’. Ran offered a few tips to America’s post-market show called “Fast Money” on Thursday. He has been trading in cryptocurrencies for a long time now; as he talks about how a few years back everyone who did not understand the technology got into trading with digital currencies just to figure out why it got so popular, yet not mainstream.

The first solution was brought about by Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer digital currency that requires some sort of a database to make transactions possible. Ran believed Bitcoin to be a ‘store of value’ and that it all relies on the time and framework of each project.

As an investor, he likes Bitcoin very much but pointed out its low pricing issues. BTC values today at $8,137.77, at the time of writing. “It’s going to continue to go up, slowly and in a stable way,” he said. The interview talks about his dilemma to hold or sell BTC, BCH, ETH or XRP.

With Bitcoin Cash currently ranked at number 4 in the crypto-rankings and valued at $1,172.91, at the time of writing, has hopes of doubling upwards in a matter of months. The month of May has not served justice to these Cryptocurrencies, but, Ran sees the potential for Bitcoin Cash.

The investor claimed that, Ethereum ranking at number 2, has formed one of the biggest communities so far. The network is working towards solving not only the scalability issues but also create more transparency among the buyer and the seller.

He says:

“I’m excited for a new generation of protocols like Ethereum who have promised 10,000 transactions per second.”

For Ripple, Neu-Ner had other plans, to sell. Ripple’s XRP is yet to grow, following the Consensus 2018. He says:

 “I can’t find a use case for the XRP token.”

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