Changelly confirms active Monero [XMR] trading on the platform

Changelly, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform was buzzing in the Monero [XMR] community due to the disappearance of XMR coin on the platform. The platform had, in turn, listed the Monero Original [XMO] which is a fork of Monero and this caused an uproar in the crypto community.

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which promotes the trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies listed on its platform. The platform aims to provides the best and fast crypto-to-crypto trading and is connected through its API to the largest and reputed platforms which helps in establishing fast and secure trading.

AMBCrypto had an exclusive interview with the Changelly team and they explained that the Monero [XMR] wasn’t delisted on the exchange platform but was temporarily put on hold as Monero was being upgraded on their platform.

The team says:

“Monero Original [XMO] is a Monero [XMR] fork. Changelly supports both XMR and XMO, just like we do support Bitcoin and its numerous forks. XMR is currently being updated on Changelly, so it will be back very soon [at the time of writing]”

The updated statement given by the exchange platform says that both, Monero [XMR] and Monero Original [XMO] are listed on the platform and can be traded by all its customers.

Monero Original was created during the hardfork of Monero’s block #1539500. Along with Monero Original [XMO], Monero Classic [XMC], Monero 0 [XMZ] and another project with the same name Monero Classic [XMC] were also created. But out of all these forks, only Monero Original has been listed on Changelly.

According to CoinMarketCap, at press time, Monero [XMR] was trading at $177 with a market cap of $2 billion and has seen a rise of more than 1% in the past one hour. Monero Original [XMO] was trading at $7.40 and has seen a rise of more than 2% in the past one hour.

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