Cardano [ADA]’s Virtual Reality vision is something to look out for

As technology becomes more pervasive, its impact on everyday life increases. The idea of using scale and color in a 3-D environment is the first to be used in a sort of VR experience as users can navigate things, pick up things and explore blocks as tangible objects. Cardano’s team wants to expand this and use it in a ticket or touring for an exchange environment in different places. This will allow people to come to space and explore all different aspects of cryptocurrencies.

IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson says:

“IOHK has a commitment to both education and design and this captivating and complex data visualization is the perfect combination of both. It’s beautiful as much as it is functional and our hope is that it will help make blockchain truly understandable for a whole new audience.”

The greatest challenge for Symphony was that nobody had any idea about cryptocurrency at all, how they work or how payment systems work. This was on their periphery, the idea of blockchain of these financial transactions that are happening in different ways to the norm was entirely new and it allowed them to investigate thoroughly about the growth of technology and the concept that facilitates on a social level.

The speaker stated:

“We have been looking at some virtual tech that is very new. We were trying to push the envelope always creatively and what we can do technically.”

The write up by the team explained, las a majority of the world is aware by now, Cryptocurrencies are built upon a technology known as blockchain which encodes its own existence as a recorded history through time’. Symphony focuses on exploring the blockchain of Bitcoin as a physical structure and examine its inherent underlying qualities by encapsulating data as crystalline forms connected in space, immutable and persistent. This metaphorical reference provides a means to understand the actual visual techniques.

They mentioned:

“When it came to the user experience we wanted to ensure it was effortless to explore. The technologies and concepts we’re attempting to explain are complex enough and on top of it all, we didn’t want users having to fathom out a complex navigation system.”

Symphony also explores the blockchain as an auditory experience with a simple question, ‘What does the blockchain sound like?’ The timing and frequency of Bitcoin transactions are used as a base and the audio extends the crystalline structures by encoding it as a sound-based entity.

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