Cardano [ADA]’s CEO greets community with release dates & updates

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano [ADA] recently spoke about the updates on the release process of Cardano 1.2, Stake pools and delegation and the Cardano CL Test Net. He broadcasted live from Colorado, United States.

The CEO informed that Cardano 1.2 will be released next week. The technology community of Cardano will soon finish writing their codes for Cardano 1.2 which includes the Paper wallets and activation V1 APIs. The team has worked hard on correcting technological issues such as performance improvements, security enhancements, and network improvements.

The next process runs under the release manager who works with the testing firms ‘Kubik’ and ‘Allied firms’. They run the release through a number of tests like a smoke test, feature test, and regression testing. This process funnels the update and corrects the imperfections and bugs in the system so that the release can work for as many people as possible without any deterioration.

Charles Hoskinson said:

“This is quite a long release pipeline, a lot of things still need to be automated and we need to make some improvements in that pipeline.”

He further explained:

“Our hope is every time we do it, the release pipeline from when we stopped active development to when we actually release the update to end users will shrink over time and will get better and better, every time we do a release we do a post-mortem on it and try to find ways to improve and automate that process.”

He mentions the release of the first Test Net called KEVM and talks about the technical details.

He also mentioned that there will be specialized announcements later, throughout summer and fall. These announcements will be regarding the Cardano’s Technical team’s plans for dealing with RENA, Cardano’s Treasury, and Ouroboros Hydra, which are the main components of their system.

Ladislav Stejskal commented:

“This is a great way of communicating updates @IOHK_Charles but I would suggest making them shorter. Perhaps 30%-40% of the existing length. Best of luck guys.”

vantus-subhuman, a Reddit user commented:

“He doesn’t talk about ADA tho. So we’re all good =) He spoked in multiple interviews that he really wants to create a stable currency on top of Cardano for third world to use, and he has already initiated some research in this direction. But it’s definitely not going to be ADA, since it’s an utility token, and will be volatile and deflationary. But he really dreams of stable crypto-cash. The main question is – stable against what? Definitely not the USD.”

celvin charlemage, a market follower tweeted:

“Just a regular guy saying Thank you Charles and the team for the hard work and keeping the community up to date. ONE LOVE.”

Another crypto enthusiast commented:

“Just when I think I want to put another $100 into some shitcoin, I listen to @IOHK_Charles again and feel I want to take out a second mortgage on $ADA.”

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