Cardano [ADA] follow up on their two testnets

Amidst the launches of the two testnets, Cardano has stolen the limelight this month. Their Chief, Charles Hoskinson has been touring and releasing their latest updates with the technical terms and other developments.

The new wallet backend’s formal specifications are now complete and available on the website, Cardano Docs. However, the only part which needs touching and an in-depth study is the input section. This study is a separate study for which separate tickets are raised.

This specification of the wallet is new from the Cardano team and covers the wallet backend and data model during which it ignores the UI and considers an abstract view of the ledger function and cryptography. Cryptocurrency wallets are essential for the system of cryptocurrency. It demands precise design since it interacts with the blockchain ledger to maintain the track of the individual’s currency.

The wallet’s V1 API design is now complete and available. The tasks will be ready for release 1.2. The one outstanding task is to improve the error handling by the wallet.

The team of Cardano has spent time tidying up the underlying code and the old issue, also checking the issue of incorrect [0] balance. They will need to confirm whether similar cases have been reported. However, what is certain is that the issue is complicated to be reproduced. If not, the issue will be finalized.

Concerning the decentralization update, a potential issue has been found by one of the Cardano researchers in their papers with chain delegation.

It has also been reported that there has been good progress by the team on the planning of the smart-contract language in detail and the signed off roadmap based on Marlowe. The K-EVM testnet launches are being prepared by the Gougam team.

The team has also spent time raising awareness about the test reports and gas model in IELE. The consulting company, DevOps has continued its support with QA having efforts for the latest Daedalus and Cardano release.

The team has worked with QA and developers to troubleshoot and reproduce a bug which was identified during a released candidate testing which impacts Daedalus whether it opens correctly. This is considered as a blocker and there are efforts on trying to resolve it.

With the preparation for the latest Cardano Byron testnet, an engineer from the team is developing a new faucet backend and infrastructure supporting it. Two engineers are making Daedalus installers independent modular copies which target different clusters might be built and run on the same machine simultaneously. Part of the Daedalus operation includes the adding of an IPC mechanism, so Cardano will be able to advertise the port its using.

Two other engineers are closely working with the Mantis team to build operational features of the K-EVM testnet. And as to makeup, the team has anticipated IPC will enable Daedalus to relaunch, in the event that it fails.

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