Bytecoin [BCN] active on Poloniex and Binance as HitBTC is still in the recovery phase

Bytecoin [BCN] has been swirling the entire market since the last few days with ransacked price surges and going out of order due to overload after being listed on the world’s largest trading platform, Binance. All transactions and trading activities were halted right after Bytecoin shot up by 166% and more in price as the Binance announcement came into light. A few hours right after this, everything froze on Poloniex, HitBTC, Binance and even Coinmarketcap which could not display live price details or any other details about Bytecoin. The official team of Bytecoin announced that a bug caused all the inconvenience in the market.

After 2 days, everything is falling back to place and the exchanges are recovering themselves, fixing the network and trading issues with Bytecoin. Binance was the first to announce the fix a day ago but users continued to complain about errors in the same and the team at Binance has not yet updated anything regarding the same. Also, Coinmarketcap returned to normal after the errors being fixed with Bytecoin. Poloniex Exchange announced the resolution last night and claim that all trade activities have returned to normal.

Bytecoin team tweeted:

“Dear Community! #Bytecoin Deposits and Withdrawals are now available on @Poloniex! We have tested transactions ourselves and they worked. We have been in discussion with the @Poloniex developers and they have told us that everything is working normally. I would be patient and your transactions should appear shortly.”

Adding on:

“We have just heard from the @Poloniex team and they have told us that the deposits and withdrawals are back online. We have tested a transaction ourselves and everything was ok. I would be patient as I am sure your funds will arrive as their team finishes going through the log.”

The team also mentioned the errors on HitBTC regarding the same and they tweeted saying:

“Dear Community. #HitBTC Deposits are currently unavailable! @hitbtc has informed us that it will take a few days to restore. Withdrawals are only available in general mode.”

Further, Cryptonator accounts were also disabled during the network fix and upgrade as they announced last night that the relaunch is postponed for another 24 hours because of installation issues. However, they declared within a few hours saying:

“There is good news and there are bad ones. Good: Bytecoin is up and running. Bad: This is all new software which commands are not compatible with our engine designed for the previous Bytecoin version. This probably means another day or two of development and thorough testing.”

Two days ago with the gigantic price increment, Bytecoin [BCN] had grabbed the 15th spot from way below in the table and is now standing at the 18th position with $1.59 billion market cap. The prices have dipped again from $0.01 to currently at $0.009, being a victim of the market downfall with a 24% and more decrement within the last 24 hours.

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