Bitcoin Cash [BCH] now has support from Akari Global

Akari Global, a Foundation to promote and uplift Bitcoin Cash worldwide announced a new release associating Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

They tweeted:

“Add a Donate/Pay button for #BitcoinCash to your website easily with AKARI-PAY v0.1 now released #BCH”

Akari Pay uses live updates from BitBoxEarth rest API to optionally show transaction notifications and receive donation totals for the user’s fund, added the team. They are now testing AKARI-PAY v0.1 on GitHub. Any existing website owner can directly link to their own Bitcoin Cash Donation or payment page without any charges on any of the gadgets like Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops and more.

Once the page is uploaded to the web host and the instructions are followed, the user can paste link wherever he/she wishes to like, on Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt,, Reddit, Memo.Cash,, etc.

The foundation quotes:

“It’s your link to your website address!”

An organization or an individual looking to increase donations on their website can now create a Button link by uploading a .html file to the web server or host maintained by them. Optionally, one may use any of the included .html files to publicly display the number of donations they have received until the time to their fund through BitBox.

Derian, a speculator commented:

“Great idea AKARI but what I like the most is that it works with BCH absolutely wonderful great work and all the blessings for you.”

LoveBitcoinCash, a BCH enthusiast tweeted:

“It’s really an awesome project. It will help us a lot. Keep doing great work #BitcoinCash”

BlockPress team also tweeted:

“This is actually awesome, thanks for creating!”

Bitcoin Cash has been displaying some bullish sign, especially since yesterday with a 6% decline closing the value at $1,640 as seen at the time of writing. This is still a good deal considering the market crash. This new boost from Akari Global is much rejoiced by the supporters from both the ends.

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