Bitcoin Cash [BCH] jumps to $1,700 as hard fork nears

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is trading at a bullish range, BCH price at press time is hooked at $1,719. The cryptocurrency today broke past one month’s record after entering the trading mark of $1,600. The Stochastic RSI on Trading View is depicting a bull run for the buying and selling price as the graph analytics are soaring above the average band.

The current market capitalization of BCH has reached $29.2 Billion while ranking number 4 on the market list. In the last week, BCH is claimed to be the biggest gainer in the top 10 list as the prices had increased by 22.36%. The BCH market apart from touching the $1700 and setting up the floor, it has been remarkably gaining a12.76% hike in its price in the last 24 hours.

The charts are blinking green for the whole of crypto-market except few currencies. The lush market has become advantageous for BCH, in the last one-hour marker it is still depicting a hike in price by 0.16%.

BCH charts

BCH charts

Franco, a crypto-analyst says:

“BCH charts are off the traditional limits, soon it will cross $2,000. HODL pls”

Bitcoin Twitter page says, there are BCH cults which are spreading rumors of BCH being the oldest cryptocurrency. According to the sources lot of people have been manipulated as the cults are showcasing a fake White Paper in order to validate the rumors.

TRL Trade replied on Bitcoin twitter page,

“Who cares the White Paper when there is absolute truth? “Bitcoin Cash is just a fork of ‘Bitcoin’. ‘BITCOIN’ is the ‘BITCOIN’. First of its kind. Made By Satoshi Nakamoto, Who is anonymous. JUST MANIPULATING THE NEW INVESTORS, WHICH IS WHY EVERYBODY IS TRIGGERED”

Collin Estand says:

“Users are free to promote whichever Bitcoin they think is the ‘real bitcoin’. It’s a permissionless system. Are you suggesting the government interject in the crypto world? That’s not very cypherpunk”

Hans Mast says:

“This is specious logic. 1. You guys are the ones that want to adhere to white paper without change. Your own logic is internally inconsistent and invalidates Bcash. 2. We know white paper allows for consensus to make rule changes (last sentence) and is not immutable.”

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