Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and CNBC Fast Money alleged pump-and-dump scheme? Twitter-sphere speaks up!

CNBC Fast Money and Brian Kelly have come under fire on Twitter from prominent crypto-sphere enthusiasts WhalePanda and Samson Mow. The allegations point to various points in the past and connections between CNBC and Bitcoin Cash executives. Many Twitter users saw the need to bring this to the SEC’s attention, frequently tagging the SEC and SEC Enforcement Twitter accounts.

First on the timeline is the eponymous Brian Kelly’s failed altcoin. In July 2015, CNBC’s Brian Kelly claimed to have created a coin that reduced volatility. The coin in question was called NautilusCoin. In an article promoting it on CNBC, which itself is self-promotion using a trusted outlet, Kelly said:

“Bitcoin, the elegant elixir for our fractured financial system, is actually flawed. It’s vulnerable to attacks. There is, however, a fix — something I had installed on my own coin experiment. Here’s how it works…”

The coin in question was created using the now-down website, which allowed users to automatically create an altcoin based on parameters entered into a form. It was also clarified that the “stability fund” will hold majority ownership stake in the coin.

Twitter user Samson Mow said on this:

“A little birdie tipped me off on this gem. @BKBrianKelly was pumping & dumping NautilusCoin back in 2015. Makes perfect sense that he got the crew back together to do the same on @CNBCFastMoney.”

There were added allegations of CNBC Fast Money conducting a shill campaign for Bitcoin Cash, assumed from their constant posts on Twitter promoting Bitcoin Cash. This comes after Brian Kelly covered developments on Bitcoin Cash yet again this morning, saying it was a buy. He says:

“#BitcoinCash has rallied over the past month while other cryptos, including $BTC, have fallen during that time. Can $BCH keep the crypto crown?”

He continues to say:

“@BKBrianKelly reveals why he thinks the #BitcoinCash rally is far from over and takes some tweets to answer questions about the cryptocurrency $BCH”

This series of tweets by Samson Mow speaks up on this issue, saying:

“Gotta love @CNBCFastMoney shilling $BCH at every opportunity. Watch how they highlight it here, but when it’s the worst performing of a particular day, there’s no mention.”

“Convenient that @CNBCFastMoney doesn’t mention $BCH in the red.”

“Nice selective timeframe to pump the $BCH altcoin to your viewers. May as well make a graphic putting it on a throne for dramatic effect right? Seriously, if these guys at @CNBC aren’t in jail by year end, someone isn’t doing their job. @SEC_Enforcement”

A potential conflict of interest was also brought up as an issue, with user whalepanda bringing out a connection between Gaby Wasensteiner and Paul Wasensteiner. They are married, with Gaby working at CNBC as a marketing manager, while Paul is an Executive Director of the Bitcoin Cash fund. This brings about an alleged conflict of interest between the two companies, which, when coupled with the pro-Bitcoin Cash posts on the Twitter profile of CNBC Fast Money.

User Pier agreed saying:

“Holy conflict of interest Batman. Does CNBC legal know it’s employees are using CNBC platforms it to do this? This is some next level shit.”

Brett MacDonald:

“Hey @SEC_Enforcement you guys ever consider doing your job? Paul Wasensteiner – married to CNBC’s Gaby Wasensteiner. Here, @WhalePanda did your work for you. GO.”

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