Bitcoin [BTC] puzzle leaves Redditors dumbfounded

A puzzle has been making waves on the r/Bitcoin subreddit. The puzzle was posted with the caption “1 BTC is hidden in this puzzle. Good luck!”. It gathered over 1700 comments within 2 days of being posted.

The puzzle in question

The creator of the puzzle, user cryptogreetings, appears to be the Reddit account owner of the website The website offers various crypto themed greeting cards priced at below $10.

The puzzle in question resembles a word map. The poster gave a hint towards solving it, saying:

“This work is comprised of Satoshi Nakamoto’s famous whitepaper words, scaled by Log N. Disparate ideas inspired Satoshi to create a solution to revolutionize modern socio-economics and industry. The work reflects on the elements that brought this technology to life and challenges the underlying security model. Hidden in plain sight lies something more: a treasure hunt. 1 BTC is concealed within the work.”

Redditors quickly worked out there were 239 BIP39 seed words in the picture. BIP39 is a standard for mnemonic phrases used to secure leading wallets today. The phrase is set as a backup to recover lost wallets. The words discovered in the image were discovered to be seed words to generate a private key for a Bitcoin wallet. The poster, then, mentioned that it was possible to throw “at least half of those out”, as the first clue towards solving the puzzle.

After 2 days of the puzzle being posted, the collective cognitive capabilities of the r/Bitcoin subreddit found it unsolved. However, it was noticed that the poster of the puzzle had put the puzzle up on his website for sale as part of his art offerings. It is currently on sale for $299, as opposed to the $7 prices on his usual products. The puzzle was concluded to be marketing for the new artwork. The art was titled ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’.

The community continues to brainstorm the puzzle, with many actually figuring out the 24 words that make up the key. A brute force method of finding the wallet key was deemed impossible due to the high number of permutations possible. The number is close to six hundred twenty sextillion or 620448401733239439360000. The community is still trying to figure out the solution, with the creator giving a total of 7 clues until present.

Some users responded to the puzzle in a joking way, with user ChipAyten saying:

“Im better equipped to sell a kidney for $9k”

User Declanhx said:

“I have no idea what any of this means”

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