“Bitcoin [BTC]” is not a public domain, it’s an illegal trademark to use in the UK

“Bitcoin” has gained popularity in the past few years, its logo symbolizes the coin and is acceptable all over the globe. According to CCN reports, the BTC coin actually uses the trademark of a UK based company.

Bitcoin is assumed to be public domain, hence no action had been taken. When a small enterprise was selling Bitcoin-themed shirts on Esty, the UK based company to whom the Bitcoin trademark actually belongs to has filed a lawsuit against it for trademark infringement.

The small business who traded Bitcoin shirts received a letter from the UK based company who claims to have the trademark of Bitcoin filed under their name in the UK. While not many know this, anyone in the UK who puts the word “Bitcoin” on any type of clothing or even a drink can be sued by the owner of the trademark of Bitcoin.

Through research, it has been found that a company called A.B.C. IPHoldings South West LLC successfully obtained the trademark for “Bitcoin” in 2017. It is registered under their name and using their trademark without their permission can lead to trademark infringement lawsuit.

A.B.C. IPHoldings South West LLC  has also applied for one other trademark, “Westworld,” due to its association with the HBO show “Westworld” of the same name. The application for this trademark has been published but has not been examined by the IP office.

The company was able to achieve the entitlement of the trademark and still stays unclear and mysterious as many companies have previously filed ownership of the trademark and have failed in different countries.

It is uncanny how the company managed to successfully trademark the term “Bitcoin”, despite the recognition BTC has gained over the past few years.

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