Bitcoin [BTC] in Simpsons and Big Bang Theory – Heading towards mass adoption

It’s extremely easy to throw away an idea, an idea which can lead to better possibilities. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency networks are bound to surpass the majority of the failed attempts to popularize its value-added benefits, leading to global adoption.

A very popular video game called ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ are inculcating crypto references into their game’s website. The Tapped Out game version of Simpsons have their own version of ‘Springfield’ where Homer Simpson has to bring back his town members and re-built the city. The game is available in six languages including French, Turkish, Italian, making it more globally recognizable.

The game has had several purchasers as for its players and thus has earned more than $100 million. There’s a point in the game where Martin refers to Bitcoin mining as a part of the story’s plotline. He casually brags about mining “some Bitcoin” through his computer, to which is next statement goes like “and then the value went through the roof,” so once the player completes the task he asks more users to join in together to mine Bitcoin.

Both players and crypto-space enthusiasts are excited about this first-ever portrayal of any cryptocurrency in the world of Cartoons and graphic.

In other news, Bitcoin has successfully made references in popular Netflix shows like Supernatural, House of Cards and even The Big Bang Theory! The episode 9 from season 11’s Big Bang Theory, that was aired last year in November follows up with Sheldon announcing that he had mined some Bitcoin almost seven years ago with using Howard’s old laptop, to which he adds that its worth has increased more than expected it to. Stuart then agrees to be supportive of him as he remembers doing the same.

A scene from Big Bang Theory

A scene from Big Bang Theory

In a flashback included in the plotline of episode 9, Sheldon asks Stuart if he ‘accepts the new virtual coinage Bitcoin’, to which he explains how one needs to solve “complex mathematical problems” to earn them. Raj later realizes that Sheldon had warned them that ‘someday they would regret it’.

As far as the show ‘Simpsons’ goes, it has mentioned Bitcoin more than once. Even back in 1997, the Simpson’s had a mention of a ‘Place for codes’ or a ‘Crypto Barn’. Marvel comics have had their share of crypto-mention with its ‘Hunt for Wolverine- Adamantium Agenda 1’, where they consider Bitcoin as a universal delivery body that is used for delivering power and are often used by robots.

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