Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Blockchain to be the emerging technology in the next decade

Steve Wozaiak, the co-founder of Apple has positive hopes for the growth of blockchain technology. His speech was addressed at the ‘WeAreDevelopers’ World Congress 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

Wozniak shared his belief that the next major IT revolution will start from the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a decentralized platform for trading visual currency in a more transparent way. It used what is termed as Ledger Technology [DLT].

He stated:

“Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it’s a platform”

He further clarified that the useful applications on the technology will improve towards attaining full potential in the coming years.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter had tweeted back in March saying, “Bitcoin will become the world’s largest single currency.”

In May, he tweeted expressing his beliefs about wanting Bitcoin to become the native currency of the internet. He believes in accepting Cryptocurrencies as Global means of exchange. He happens to be a loyal investor in Bitcoin and hopes for a period of ten years for its domination.

He says:

“The internet is going to have a native currency so let us not wait for it to happen, let us help it happen. I do not know if it will be bitcoin but I hope it will be,” Dorsey added on stage at the Consensus in New York, this Wednesday. At the “Money 20/20” conference in Las Vegas back in October 2017, he stated that he considers Bitcoin to be better than the US Dollar.

Dorsey at Consensus 2018 made a statement saying:

“We are not going to be the company that comes up with the technology to make crypto more accessible, but we will be helping in making that process simpler and will be educating others.”

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