Bitcoin [BTC] encounters rebel, a protest by Hashpowering company

Bitcoin and altcoins require hashpower for mining. Hashpower mines new crypto-coins, calculates the blocks, pushes the transactions that are added to the blockchain and carries on the mining process. The higher the hashpower, more cost-effectively the network operates. Such a leading hashpower provider is Genesis Mining, who took its PR to the next level.

Genesis Mining recently tweeted:

“We wanted to remind people they have a choice. In this age, only banks think that 19% fees to send money to Mexico is fair 😉 Check out // , our latest #ExploreBitcoin project! #BankersAgainstBitcoin #Bitcoin #cryptocurrencies”

Along with this, they added a clip of the Bankers against Bitcoin event which was held in mid-May.

Groupornate, a Twitterati commented:

“Man u guys are worse than the banks. With banks you call them and they answer. You guys don’t give a damn”

The event of Bankers against Bitcoin was a popularity stunt and an awareness channel for people who are not acquainted with the controversy of the cryptocurrency world. Genesis minings CEO had launched a legitimate website that discusses the awareness of Bitcoin, sarcastically, by opposing it.

This protest is supposedly a joke, nevertheless, over thousands of people joined the protest against Bitcoin by using slogans and charts that were often used by bankers while opposing Bitcoin. Many experts believe that Bitcoin supporters trolling bankers by opposing Bitcoin is a disguised irony.

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