Bitcoin and AI – How One Company is Changing the World

If someone were to ask you 10, even five years ago if Bitcoin would end up being a thing, and that cryptocurrency would actually reach such high levels, there’s a good chance the majority of people wouldn’t even believe it. Yet here we are in a place where cryptocurrency is no longer just something techies talk about in their inner circles. Instead, it is proving to be a real force.

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With that said, just like anything, cryptocurrency, in particular, Bitcoin, has been evolving, and it looks like the days of robots and AI are not only fast-approaching – they are already here. So, what’s to stop AI from tearing down the world like so many big movies show? Well, that’s where organizations are taking charge and making sure the blockchain technology is used to our benefit at all times.

The Innovative Magnus Collective is Drawing the Attention of Investors

When it comes to organizations that are not only embracing AI but that are also harnessing its powers, look no further than the innovative Magnus Collective ICO campaign. The Magnus Collective is working to change the way automation, robotics, and AI is used in every industry.

The Magnus Collective recognizes that the use of robotics and automation is picking up in industries thanks to the fact that prices are coming down. Performance of these technologies is improving and become more exact, and it is becoming common practice to use robotics of some sort in various companies. It’s as though companies have finally come to accept blockchain technology and are now embracing it fully, thanks to the fact it actually empowers AI and innovation in general.

Even the idea of decentralized, or blockchain technology, seemed far-fetched not that long ago, but it is what is used to manage the Bitcoin database and transactions.

When Tokens, Robotics, and AI Collide

What happens when tokens, robotics, and AI collide? Well, that’s exactly the thought process behind The Magnus Collective is since it is the first in the world to offer dual token robotics and AI that has been built on two different platforms. These platforms are NEO and Ethereum. The idea is that people can actually purchase “smarter”, and to top it off, The Magnus Collective has industry leading ICO ratings with a low-risk score.

Buying smarter refers to much more than what you may see on the surface. As The Magnus Collective explains, it’s as though every artificial intelligent machine and robot is able to communicate with one another offering the most streamlined growth possible. The way in which this can help investors, industries, and businesses is just starting to be understood since it is so vast.

What Does the Future Hold?

There are many out there who believe that in the not too distant future, AI will soon be at human levels, and beyond that, the level of intelligence is limitless. The Magnus Collective is looking at their program as a way to help propel humans forward and use AI to their benefit and advantage, rather than seeing it in a negative light.

About the Author: Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with major marketing. He is the founder of Cryptoext.