Bing Ads bans all advertisements on cryptocurrency

Bing Ads a well-known advertisement search-engine announced that it would be banning all ads related to cryptocurrency. The company is the 3rd company to ban cryptocurrency ads after Google and Facebook.

Bing Ads is a Microsoft powered search engine which gives out paid advertisements on Microsoft and Yahoo sites and their search engines. It was also known as Adcenter before its acquisition by Microsoft.

Microsoft decided to ban cryptocurrency advertisements on their sites because the coins and its products are not regulated and hence increases the risk of users getting scammed. The company intends to ban the ads between late June and early July. Twitter also has its plans to ban cryptocurrency ads.

One of the officials from the company states that:

“Because cryptocurrency and related products are not regulated, we have found them to present a possible elevated risk to our users, To help protect our users from this risk, we have made the decision to disallow advertising for the cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency related products, and un-regulated binary options.”

Jhon a Twitter user says:

“Who uses Bing? Lol, It’s not going to effect the crypto-market.”

Nelson another Twitter user says:

“Banning cryptocurrency ads on sites is actually a good thing because all the scam companies will cease to exist and only legitimate companies will be able to operate thus people won’t get scammed by shady sites and it increases the safety of users.”

Chello, another Twitter user says:

“This makes crypto-advertising more competitive and companies will have to use their talents to the best of their abilities if they want to have a good business.”

Lyon, a Reddit user says:

“The crypto hype is dying, people need to move on. Its going to die within a few years.”

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