Binance adds Ripple [XRP]/Tether [USDT] pairing trade – No dramatic price swings!

According to Binance’s (an exchange platform) twitter page, it has added the Ripple [XRP]/ Tether [USDT] pairing trade on its exchange platform.

On the 4th of May, Ripple [XRP]/Tether [USDT] pairing trades were added to Binance, one of the biggest exchange platforms.  The company has shared details related to the fees and regulations for all its trades on its official page.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which was introduced in the year 2013. Since then it is known for carrying out secure transactions with lesser fees as offered by other crypto-exchanges. As of now, the company offers 3 trading pairs for Ripple [XRP]; XRP/Bitcoin [BTC], XRP/Ethereum [ETH] and now XRP/Tether [USDT].

According to the Binance website, the fee for trading will be 0.1% of the total transaction. There will be no fees applicable for depositing the money. The minimum withdrawal for XRP is set to be 22 and the transaction fee is staked at 0.25XRP.

The market capitalization for Ripple has reached $35 billion and at press time was trading at $0.90 to a token. In the last one week, it has seen a rise its prices by 6.6%. In the last 24-hour period the prices have increased again by 0.7%.

Cory Guidry a twitterati says:

“So why are we listing an unmined, centralized coin backed by the banks at the top of this pyramid, who pumped to their rank by announcing a 2/3rd supply lockup, are desperately trying to shill their coin with whatever news they can ,and have no concern for fair distribution…?”

Al’ gore a social media activist says:

“Not that it has to be an even spread. I know investors get in to make profits, BUT as a medium of exchange, the amount of centralized control behind this partially due to the way they have openly manipulated the price in this market is unacceptable. You should consider ETN.”

Nick says:

“Great news. Add fiat pairs and you’ll be the number one exchange on the globe. Anyways other platforms are accepting the fiat currencies. Adding fiat pairs would fetch more user interface. However, the number of users is high for Binance. Adding more features and currencies is just luring more people”

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