Apple adds Ripple’s XRP with over 10 currency pairings

Apple added a listing of Ripple’s XRP token price in their stocks app. This will allow Apple users worldwide to stay up to date on the prices of the cryptocurrency.

The coin has been listed with a wide variety of pairings, with users reporting pairings with US Dollar [USD], Euros [EUR], Great Britain Pounds [GBP], Canadian Dollar [CAD], Indian Rupee [INR], Australian Dollar [AUD], Japanese Yen [JPY], Russian Ruble [RUB], Korean Won [KRW], and Chinese Yuan [CNY]. It also features pairs for Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin [BTC]. The tracking information for the prices is reportedly run by Nasdaq, with USD pair tracking managed by Bitstamp.

This marks the integration of cryptocurrencies into Apple’s stocks app. Earlier this week, Justin Sun’s Tron currency also saw an integration into the app. However, Ripple has the highest number of pairs than any other cryptocurrency on the app, signifying that global exchanges may have come on board.

The community grew excited at the news, with users posting notifications of the development. User EXTRA HARDCORE XRP said:

“Apple has officially included $XRP pricing! Just add XRP-USD to your Stocks app. 1B @Apple users around the will be able to keep on top of #XRP market info. Come grow with us!”

Jiminy Crypto commented on Twitter:

“Same as everyone else though….everyone loves the tech…never announce xrp is part of their plans though”

The price of the token has seen a slight increase since this development occurred, with a hike from $0.60, where it was trading previously, to $0.61, which is its current price. Ripple has suffered the bearish market like every other coin this past week.

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