AngelList: cryptocurrencies are the new gold, and Token Sale the new IPO

AngelList, a popular U.S portal for start-ups, start-up job-seekers, and angel investors claims that cryptocurrencies are the new gold, and Token Sale the new IPO. The portal had recently announced that cryptocurrency jobs have doubled from the beginning of this year.

According to their newsletter, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has more accounts when compared to Charles Schwab, one of the largest banks in the United States, based in San Francisco.

The job platform adds that there are new companies working out of public view to provide services and infrastructure in order to boost the cryptocurrency and blockchain boom.

AngelList also talks about mining in their announcement and says that all the efficient miners’ who are making a lot of money by processing transactions are involved in a ‘battle to buy graphics cards and computer hardware is fierce’.

They further added that graphics card manufacturing companies are exploding in the market especially Nvidia, an American Technology Company incorporated in Delaware and known for its GPUs. The company’s stock has seen a 14x growth in the last three years mainly because of its populace amongst the miners.

Proceeding this, the portal talks about the challenges cryptocurrency investors and traders had to face before the establishment of cryptocurrency exchanges and the difference brought-forth by Coinbase, Robinhood, and Abra in terms of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, all of whom hired from the portal.

AngelList has come up with the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers which can help users to protect and analyze their investment which in turn will help them keep a track of their trackers and make it a little less messy. AngelList also talks about the token sale and calls it the ‘new IPO’. According to the platform, tokens have raised more than $3 billion in March alone.

The start-up hiring platform says:

“Running one of these offerings requires marketing to an investor base without violating SEC regulation, just like what investment bankers do for IPOs.”

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