AI Trader – Cryptocurrency trading powered by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

While hedge fund and cryptocurrency trading is becoming the highly utilized investment option in today’s technology-oriented world, the need for intelligent systems and interactive charts that provide the most efficient data has become a necessity for all the traders.

AI Trader is developed by Middle-East’s largest cryptocurrency miners located in Dubai. They are a team of brilliant developers and researchers who envisioned the future of cryptocurrency trading and built a “Next Generation Intelligent Autonomous Trading Program”.

The team has moved a step ahead of all the traditional trading bots, which provide complicated graphs and charts. Instead, AI Trader has created a trading ecosystem based on robust deep learning and machine learning algorithms.

The company is one among the top 5 GPU mining firms, who has worked on eliminating their mining income shortfalls they faced with the help of AI. The team is currently offering the exact same system which they are using to maximize their yield to the cryptocurrency community.

AI Trader presents a user-friendly Graphical User Interface [GUI] which contains the modern trading solutions based on various parameters and strategies. This autonomous trading platform generates 82% returns on cryptocurrency trading and over 100% profits from Leverage Trading.

AI Trader is a simple plug and play application, which helps all investors to trade in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. All their results will be updated on the AI Trader website in real-time. These AI based transaction results are made available for all the users in a downloadable format.

Transaction Results by AI Trader

Transaction Results by AI Trader

This platform is ideal for both for beginner level traders and expert investors who do not wish to spend their entire day looking at complex graphs and patterns and making decisions based on their emotions. This simple plug and play application will help in trading irrespective of how volatile and unpredictable the market is.

There are two main steps involved in AI Trader:

  • Pick a Strategy
  • Press Play

Some of the main features of AI Trader are:

  • Dynamic Equity Management: AI Trader has the ability to behave just like a human trader who can analyze and visualize the market before initiating a trade. With the help of behavioral sciences, it recovers any losses that had taken place during the trade.
  • Trading Results: AI Trader provides its users with latest trading results which include the AI’s strategy performed in the last 30 days. Along with this, users can also download their transaction history in CSV format. Users can also compare them to HODL currencies.
  • Multiple Exchanges Supported: Currently, AI Trader offers its complete system to all registered Binance users for cryptocurrency trading. They also provide Leverage Trading backed by Bitmex platform. The team is currently working on integrating the platform with various other platforms like Bittrex, Kraken, Cobinhood, etc. Registered users can utilize the future upgrades and exchanges for free. All the trading details will be immediately updated on the respective trading platforms as soon as the trade has been completed on AI trader.

Steps to Register on AI Trader:

  • Register on any cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Deposit the funds (minimum $50) required to perform trading on these platforms.
  • Create an API key and secret key on these exchange platforms.
  • Visit the login page of AI Trader and register yourself on the website.
  • Complete the registration by filling in the account details, email address, and password.
  • Login to the AI Trader portal using the API key and secret key.

AI Trader provides three main subscription plans on their platforms

  • Basic plan – $150 for 1 month
  • Premium plan – $450 for 6 months
  • Platinum plan – $600 for 1 year

Payments using Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Credit Card/PayPal payments are allowed at present.

The two main principles of AI Trader are – “keep it simple” and “make it transparent”. AI Trader is a unique platform built primarily to bring a drastic change in the current trading trends and make it much easier for all the cryptocurrency traders.

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