Zebpay reduced the transaction fees by half for intra-day tradings

Zebpay, one of leading cryptocurrency exchange has recently announced that they will be reducing the intra-day trade rates to 0.1%. They have specifically mentioned that the rate is applicable for ‘same day’ exchanges i.e., from midnight to midnight. The exchange said that the fees were reduced as a way to reward the traders.

At the time of making transactions, the trader will be charged the usual low Zebpay fee. The following the day, after checking trader’s intra-day trades, Zebpay will automatically refund them the extra fee that was charged earlier. GST will be applicable to the transaction fee.

Satish, a Twitterati says,

“The attitude matters from and at micro level staff They delayed my transaction or deposit Never give chance to loos value customers A Good competitor in market is sign of healthy business Lots of things at zebpay I could sense gambling at zebpay.”

Investinbest, a Zebpay user says,

“Since start of feb 2018 i was shouting reduce fees,start ripple transaction in decimal, improve your app,add lower value assets, but you were adamant, now when your volumes are coming down,losing customers you are listening.”

Farhan Aktar, another Twitterati says,

“Wise decision”

Cryptosid, a BTC trader says,

“Basically loose more money intraday trading”

Nilesh Rohilla, a cryptocurrency consultant, and altcoin expert says,

“Well done.. plz allow us to download invoice in pdf format.. is there ny tool from where we can download invoice instead of copy text”

Zebpay was recently in the news for adding Ethereum to its platform after which the platform saw a 19% jump. Another milestone was the simplified offering of Bitcoin [BTC] taxation by partnering with Clear Tax.

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