Verge [XVG] is buzzing with activities – TokenPay next in the collaboration list

Verge [XVG] might have been a huge disappointment with its prices after the biggest partnership reveals with PornHub, Brazzers, and few others but the team is buzzing with action currently without any setbacks.

TokenPay recently mentioned about a partnership with Verge and the XVG debit cards which are scheduled to be launched.

TokenPay recently tweeted:

“Our bank deal in Germany as outlined in the Ecosystem Report has now been signed, several weeks ahead of schedule. Closing is expected to occur before the next weekend and an official announcement will follow, TPAY and XVG debit cards coming soon.”

TPAY blockchain is a secure and anonymous project from TokenPay ecosystem. Before that, they have a core platform – TokenPay which consists of an anonymous P2P transactional system. This system makes use of the TPAY coin as a base mode of exchange.

The team explained: wallet to wallet transfers can be done virtually instantly (within 2 seconds) and on a public or private and untraceable TOR network driven blockchain. Coins can be staked by using our desktop wallets and users receive rewards. This action of staking is what powers the decentralized network and is the reason why transactions complete so rapidly.

Adding on, they stated:

“As of right now, there are tens of thousands of people staking TPAY and the number increases daily. We do have the only Android Bitcoin wallet on the market that is Proof-of-Stake. We are working on an iOS wallet version as well.”

They aim to make the trading functions as automatic as possible with a decentralized exchange platform along with support for atomic swaps with the first pairs to be included being TPAY, XVG, BTC, and EFIN.

TokenPay comments on the partnership with Verge:

“As many are aware, we contributed 66,500,000 XVG to the Verge crowdfunding campaign in order to secure a major deal for the coin and solidify a strong lifetime partnership which will at the end benefit TPAY as well as the XVG community.”

Their goal together is to be one of the top 10 contenders in the global market and they claim that neither of them will sleep until they reach the goal. Plenty more will be disclosed publicly about this partnership, but the alliance includes co-branded debit card solutions for TPAY and XVG and several planned deep integrations of XVG into TokenPay platform rollout initiatives, they mentioned in a post.

TokenPay also tweeted:

“In our quest for transparency we want to update the community every step of the way. Deal was signed today and when shares are transferred over next week we will update accordingly, along with additional information on the deal.”

Cees van Dam, an XVG core team member tweeted:

“Vergefam, there are a few certainties in life, first we are always too late and second we always deliver. So, keep calm and wait for things to happen, because they will.”

Apart from these, Verge [XVG] is now available on BitPro – a payment gateway. XVG is available to trade on their platform along with the other 11 crypto coins. XVG is currently trading at $0.072 after a significant gain of 12% in the last 24 hours. With a market cap of $1.076 billion, XVG stands at 25th position, as seen at press time.

Vegan Folkert, a Twitterati said:

“Wow, the Verge team makes progress Big Time with all the integrations and partners. Keep on shining!”

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