Twin winners in the market – Verge [XVG] and Ontology [ONT] hikes with 80% and 60% respectively

The crypto world has just sensed some excitement after the unexpected rainfall of gains yesterday to the majority of the coins. Two of the biggest gainers in the top 25 over the week in terms of trading volumes are Verge [XVG] and Ontology [ONT] with approximately 80% and 60% increase each.

Verge, recently referred to as the mystery hero was in news relating to hack and attacks but emerged as a winner despite the FUD. Currently priced at $0.098 with over 79.77% increase over the last one week, XVG has managed to stand at 20th position in the market. The market cap has considerably increased and is now worth $1.45 billion as seen at press time.

Steven, an XVG holder tweeted:

“Zoomed all the way out. Guyssss come on up up up we are gonna change the world forever!!! Actually, I don’t know about the world. but my personal economy …YES!!!”

Justin Williams, a crypto enthusiast says:

“I love XVG but it doesn’t mean anything. April 17th or whenever the announcement is. I sound like a  true novice. That comparison speaks volumes!! Usd value got you all messed up. People easily forget satoshi value for some reason. 1500 sats right around the corner.”

Usman Bhaweja, a blogger and day trader commented:

“Means MOONSHOT is likely soon! I’ve been reporting it all month and the news just keeps coming, the pumps just keep getting stronger. This means that history repeats itself.”

Another companion to Verge is the recent hype coin is Ontology [ONT]. In the rat race, the coin that was not even considered to participate shot up in volume and took over the 20th position yesterday. Though it has come down to the 22nd rank, the coin has still gained more than 60% in volume over the past week. Ontology trading at $4.72 with a market cap of $1.14 billion.

The Ontology team released their roadmap a few hours ago mentioning the highlights and future plans for this budding coin.

Oleg Giberstein tweeted:

“Ignore the price, focus on product – what I care about is ONT price in 3-5 years, not today.”

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