Tron [TRX] is the most mentioned cryptocurrency on twitter – Community Elated!

Yesterday, Justin Sun was seen tweet the figures of the most mentioned cryptocurrency on Twitter on an hourly based scale. Tron ranked number one on the list with 2264 tweet mentions followed by Bitcoin with 1656 mentions and Verge with 811 mentions.

Tron’s social media popularity comes as a result of its high engaging social media platform. Its super representative elections are taking over Twitter with massive participation from across the globe.

Justin Sun's Official Tweet

Justin Sun’s Official Tweet

In amidst all this, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron urges Tron community to make Tron the most trending topic on Twitter as we have seen in multiple sentimental analysis which was done prior by our team, the social media responses and outcomes influence the cryptocurrency’s performance to an extent.

Currently, Tron is ranked 11th in the coin market with a total market cap of $4.8 billion and at press time was trading at $0.07 to a token. In the last 7 days, Tron has performed well on the market with the current cumulative surge of last 7 days at 46.46% and even in the last 24 hours, the currency is seen a surge at 6.16%.

Raising its total volume to $551,144,000. The current volume reflects on the performance of the cryptocurrency and how its managed to make an impact.

The Tron community has reacted on the current performance of Tron via twitter.

A Twitterarti commented,

“Tron is number one, there are a lot of tronics out there!”

Nakul Malhotra commented on Justin Sun’s post,

“Justin, you are good. Tron doesn’t need a PR if they have you. Good luck! We will be in top 5 in 2018”

George Arguido commented,

“Justin Sun, never sleeps he is like a machine, that’s why his last name is SUN. The Tronic Family appreciate your time.”

A veteran Bitcoin trader, Alex R from London is skeptical and says,

“Just because you have made it on the top of Twitter search doesn’t mean Tron is qualitative. You are nothing but a screeching radio. After the main net release once peeps realize that there is no value to your shit token then I only pray that you are prepared for the shit to kick in your face. This is how shitty Presidents get elected, make people talk about it”

From the start of April Tron has seen a vast improvement in its performance on the market, it has continued to show an increase in its variables throughout April. The price has increased drastically since the start of this month.

It was valued at $0.03 and now has risen to 0.074. Even though its performance has seen a decline over the last two days, the bearish market has not affected Tron as much as it has on other currencies.

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