TRON [TRX] despite the recent ETH vs TRX controversy expands with 2500 nodes in 31 countries

The drama related to the recent launch of Tron’s Test Net is still not done. Within a week of the Test Net launch, it has expanded to 31 countries with 2500 nodes despite a bearish market. TRON’s first technical debut –  Test net came along with completed nodes, basic network functions, transactions, and customizable modules.  This has given fans, followers and skeptics alike a transparent view of Tron’s solid progress.

Jacob Guinto, a TRON enthusiast tweeted:

“Holy, KILLING IT JUSTIN KILLINGGGGG ITTTT! I have personally setup 3 nodes in Czechia – easy process, immediate projection on the map – this is for real guys 🙂 great work from Tron foundation and Justin Sun. I think you can setup a node on the moon now.”

There were also people seeking clarification like Kasei Arakaki who asked,

“This is not a doubt or FUD. Asking a genuine question… do we have evidence these nodes are functioning and authentic? I’d love to see some more tangible information regarding the test net and how it is currently running and performing. Maybe someone could provide links for me?”

The trading value of the token is oscillating between 1-4 cents. Tron [TRX] is currently trading at 3.7 cents with a market cap of $2.4 billion USD as seen at press time. Not only is the price fluctuating but Tron’s position has also moved back and forth from 15th to 10th and currently at 12th.

As the Main net is scheduled on May 31st, Tron plans to shed its ERC20 identity and migrate from the Ethereum platform. Once, this goes live, Tron will no longer be an ERC20 token but will become a true token within its own ecosystem.

The frequency of TRON’s code update has been at the forefront of all blockchain projects from 2018 itself. When it first arrived on the scene, TRON was a vibrant, energetic, upstart of a company; a great reflection of its millennial founder.

Justin Sun, the founder said,

“Today, TRON is retaining its fearless energy but adds a much-needed groundedness with the debut of its technology.”

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