TRON to airdrop 30 Million TRX to the Ethereum [ETH] community – a sign of Good Faith?

As a sign of good faith and appreciation, TRON will be airdropping 30 million TRX to the Ethereum community. An online feud between Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin and TRON CEO Justin Sun occurred on the 6th of April. Many from the community say that this could be a peace offering offered by Justin Sun.

Justin Sun’s announcement on Twitter says,

Ethereum had played a dynamic role in TRON’s early stage development and still continues to do so until its planned migration in June. Mainnet, TRON’s official network platform will be launched on 31st of May.

According to the twitter declaration by Justin Sun, the airdrop shall be happening this week wherein Ethereum user accounts will be given an average of 50 TRX. An aggregate 30 million TRX will be offered which is worth $1.7 million. Over 600,000 accounts will be receiving the TRX and any account with a balance of over 0.1 ETH will be eligible.

TRON is currently trading at $ 0.054 which is an enduring increase since the few weeks.

Sognando Walls a twitterati says,

“That’s a good strategy to make the #ethereum #ETH holders attached to #TRON #TRX and hopefully involved in the TRON project. Anyway, TRON has always provided low initial rates and decent returns. Ethereum users need to trust TRON’s vision”

Frank Kapelch a crypto-enthusiast says,

“I think this is a facade created by Justin, in reality, it’s just a peace offering for Ethereum since the duo had a quarrel. Availability of TRX among ETH users will gain mass support further strengthening the TRX networking system”

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