The bitPico attack leads to better performance of Bitcoin [BTC]’s Lightning Network

One of the supreme development of Bitcoin ecosystem, the Lightning Network has suffered an attack which was launch by the mysterious developer bitPico.

The technology which had given hope to the Bitcoin environment with its positive development in improving the scalability of the cryptocurrency has put its users in a dilemma since the hack.

Reports say that the number of users who started using the Lightning Network technology has increased since its beta launch.

bitPico team tweeted :

“The #bitcoin #LightningNetwork DoS attack/test rumors are true. We did create a network stress tool for LN. The network is operating from 8 countries running 22 attack vectors in-parallel from ~384 endpoints. Don’t trust; Verify.”

A number of developers experienced an unexpected crash and terminated the ongoing transactions abruptly. The users began to notice that the Denial of Service [Dos] attack did not cause any pecuniary loss to them in any way. It also seemed like the hackers must be in a loss while deploying this task.

Most of the developers were perplexed to observe the hack where a lightning node was attacked without stealing any money. Also, they were able to fix the affected nodes easily. Some of them also raised an opinion as to the hackers could report the bugs on GitHub. The developers continued to mention their point of views until bitPico disclosed that the attack was not about more politics instead was regarding the safety of the Lightning Network. It was a part of stress testing before the network gains more users. The attack which started 10 days ago is expected to continue for a couple of weeks more.

According to the Lightning Network development team, this attack can lead to better development of the peer to peer deployment strategies and it clarifies the existing glitches in the LN software implementation so that the developers can fix them in less time. This will help the non-technical users to access it without any difficulties in future.

Christian Antkow a blockchain expert tweeted:

“I’m guessing this explains why I’m seeing multiple channels that I’ve established, having stability issues lately. Having said that, Lightning Network appears to be pretty resilient (and dare I say stable ?) so far.”

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