Ripple [XRP], over the past week has stagnated the trade at $0.85 mark

In the past 24-hour cycle Ripple’s [XRP] trading volume is sidling at a net value of $767 million and is stationed at number 6 in the global ranking. BCH which is positioned just above XRP has a net volume worth $845 million.

The trading view depicts that ever since the small eruption on March 7th which placed Ripple at $1.06, it dropped drastically to $0.4 for a month. Recently, it has again picked up the bullish trend and is currently fluctuating between at the $0.8 margin. Since past four days it is hurdling between $0.99 till $0.79 and at press time is dwindled down to $0.82.

Since last week, Ripple has made certain announcements regarding their long-term plan. According to the CEO Brad Garlinghouse Ripple has seen a phenomenal rise in December but the coin XRP isn’t doing that great. XRP runs on the XRP ledger, an open source technology which is decentralized. He also emphasized on the incentives offered by Ripple for advertising.

In the fourth quarter of the year, the team will be releasing a fresh project called ‘Ripple Accelerator Program’.

XRP has a market value of $33 billion and is ranked number 3 on CoinMarketCap. It has a circulating supply of 39 billion tokens.

Marco GM, a crypto-enthusiast says:

“XRP is an interesting project. According to my predictions, it won’t take long for it to pass the 1$ mark.”

Giana on a social media forum says:

“Look what happened with EOS in just a few days… looks like the same will happen soon with XRP.”

Jude says:

“Crypto-to-crypto transactions are a truly influential network. I am making a good profit by conversing in crypto rather than fiat. HODL and keep peace.”

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