Quadfurcation of Monero [XMR] – Who is the gatekeeper of Monero’s legacy?

Monero [XMR], which was recently forked by developers to make the digital asset’s mining ecosystem unbiased has now led to the creation of 4 Monero based blockchain branches with each one claiming to follow the original Monero protocol.

The main forks have named themselves Monero Classic [XMC], Monero Original [XMO] and Monero O [XMZ]. The Monero Classic’s team which hails from Singapore and the other developer named ‘PZ’ who in a statement announced that the decision to change Monero’s PoW is hasty and the original code should not have been changed. They have asserted that Monero Classic’s team have taken over the algorithm with its ability to change at will.

PZ, Developer of Monero Classic has stated on their website that blockchains should be given equal opportunities for developments and have promised to maintain the system till the algorithm change happens.

He added:

“We believe that the two ideas of ’embrace ASIC mining machines’ and ‘against ASIC mining machines’ both having their own strengths and weakness”

Meanwhile, the Monero Original contacted journalists and publications and announced that Monero Original [XMO] is the original Monero chain which will be up and running after the hard fork. They claim that force behind Monero is freedom of choice, diversity and the Monero community which supports it.

He added:

“Monero original team stands for diversity, which is a logical marker of evolution”

Monero O’s Lead Developer claims on its website that forking protocol to avoid ASICs is not consensus and that Satoshi’s proof-of-work [PoW] is the only system for a decentralized consensus.

They also claim that the network upgrades which are dictated by Monero project are a trojan horse. It is designed to damage the potency of PoW in the Monero network and affirmed that Monero is not just a fork but the original Monero.

Users are still critical of the Quadfurcation of the Monero Blockchain, they commented:

“holy cluster. Talk about a game of shells. So is it safe to say that if you had it on one you will be credited on all 4 chains barring you don’t eff it up somehow?”

Another comment:

“Is XMR with ASIC resistance a fifth independent chain from these four?”

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