OmiseGO [OMG], the coin with a promising future? – Sentiment Analysis – April 13

The cryptocurrency market has been on the move since yesterday and the bullish breakout has not died out yet. Bitcoin is maintaining the $8000 mark and it is currently trading at yesterday’s intraday high. The cryptocurrency giant has gained 5.79% in the last 24 hours and the coin may have a sideways movement for some time and afterwards, it may go further up again. Another major news which will be useful for the market is the upcoming investment by Soros Fund Management. Big families like the Rothschild and Rockefeller are also coming forward to place bets which will serve to be a big boost for the cryptocurrency world.

Our sentiment analysis section delivers the sentiments of people from around the world which are presented as it is. The people whom we have interviewed comprises of a group of investors, miners, analysts, skeptics, Influencers, who gave their sentiments and opinions on the current market trends. This analysis is focused on the coin which is currently at the 21st spot in the rankings and is OmiseGO [OMG].

OmiseGO [OMG]

Things appear to be working perfectly fine for OmiseGO as they have had a massive gain of 43.89% since the last one month. The OMG team had decided to hard spoon their tokens which was pegged onto a Tendermint chain. OmiseGO is created on the Ethereum [ETH] blockchain technology and adopts their Plasma project. At 3:17 PM UTC, OMG was trading at a price of $13.27 with a market capital of 1.353 billion. The coin gained 21.15% in the last 24 hours and the coin peaked an intraday high of $16.06 today.

Eric Showalter, an altcoin miner from Sydney says:

“The target for the coin is set at $20 and $22 area and the coin will reach the target if the support at $11 is held. The coin is testing the first, second and the third resistance levels and a soon to be bull run is up for the coin if it breaks the resistances. There is a buying pressure for OmiseGO at the present moment.”

Kirk Roberts, an OmiseGO investor from Ohio says:

“The coin will go up till $15 in the next two days and then a drop is expected back to the $13 mark. From there, a bullish trend reversal is expected which will take the coin up and above $18. This bullish breakout may take the coin to $20 and I feel that this is the right time to buy the coin.”

Oliver Jones, a Financial Advisor from Brisbane says:

“When the markets were down, OmiseGO was seen to be making incredible strides. It is a remarkable coin and its potential has to be acknowledged. I hope that coinbase will consider adding OMG to their list of tokens which will provide an opportunity for more number of buyers to enter the picture.”

To conclude, 73% of OmiseGO respondents are bullish and are happy with the amount of progress that the coin has made so far. They feel that the coin will move up in the rankings in the near future. Another 27% is bearish about the coin as they feel that OmiseGO has too much dependency on the Ethereum network.

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