OmiseGo [OMG] and Ethereum [ETH] have got new development services in store

Jun Hasegawa, the CEO of OmiseGo spoke about the power of Ethereum to develop the payments and financial services with the Asia Pacific Economic Committee [APEC]. APEC is responsible for coordinating the trades between many countries including China, US, Canada and many other Southeast Asian countries. According to Jun, these services will have a positive impact on both Ethereum [ETH] and OmiseGo [OMG].

A Reddit user commented:

“Its happening! We are in distress of the next generation of payments. OmiseGO GO!”

OmiseGo’s team recently tweeted:

“Monday, fun day! We’re in Tokyo where @JUN_Omise is speaking to the @APEC Business Advisory Council about the power of #Ethereum to advance payments & financial services”

Lili Green a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“I’m building on them. Great team great contracts and use case. Work in progress with great potential #omg #2020 #ROI #womenincrypto

A Twitterati named Aron says:

“This is amazing stuff. Always making moves”

Another Twitterati commented:

“drop ethereum, move to another platform….be legendary….”

The CEO and founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin work as an advisor at OmiseGo. The development of Proof of Stake [PoS] algorithm on the OmiseGo platform was a remarkable input by Vitalik.

The OMG team also has many other proficient technology leaders like Julian Zawistowki, CEO of Golem, Joseph Poon of Lightning Network behind the project who supports Jun Hasegawa in his venture. Together they have solved scalability and slow network issues with OmiseGo. The above solutions were achieved by introducing a technology called Plasma, which also increased the transaction frequency. OmiseGo is the first platform to implement these exciting technologies which could be the main reason behind the bullish market value for the coin.

OmiseGo [OMG] is currently trading at $14.47 standing at the 18th position with a market cap of $1.47 billion. The overall volume is also trending in green with 56.70% gain in the past one week which is higher than almost all the tokens in the market. Based on the previous reports by analysts, this Ethereum based token has high chances of increased price movement in Q2 as well. The firm is currently in the process of partnering with various companies in integrating OMG’s technology.


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