NANO’s tipbot now live on Twitter – NANO to moon?

NANO is a cryptocurrency that is ranked at number 25 and is priced at $4.89. The total market capital of the coin is $651,961. According to their official website, it is free of charge and it is infinitely scalable.

NANO’s popularity is soon to rise with the coin coming up a tip bot which has gone live. This is a way to tip people on Twitter by giving them NANO tokens. This becomes possible for NANO through their twitter account. When one tips another person on Twitter, he/she can redeem their coins by clicking on the withdraw button on the bot’s message and it will send them information. A person only has to type in the amount he/she wants to withdraw along with his/her wallet address.

The process is so simple and people get tips instantly like within 2 seconds. The format that they follow is very simple, you just have to type: @NanoTipBot tip ‘amount’ @’Receiving username.

The NANO community received this very well and they are also excited about the project’s new roadmap. The adoption of NANO in real life is one of the main objectives on the roadmap which is achieved by this Twitter tip bot and another real-life application for NANO that the team is working on is the use of the token as a payment for goods and services by merchants around the globe.

This solution focuses on the Twitter platform and millions of people use the platform daily. As this relatively new currency is trying to get a foothold in the market, this will be a huge booster for them.

A plug and play solution for point of sale terminals for vendors and mobile platforms is currently being developed by NANO. By listing it on KuCoin, Nanex, OKEx, and Binance, the project has also increased the liquidity of the coin. The project team is also working on Fiat On-Ramp which is an attempt at making NANO a global currency by making it easy for direct transfer between NANO and regular fiat currencies.

There are many other developments lined up for NANO like the desktop wallet which is in the beta phase of testing, an iOS wallet, smart cards and hardware wallets. The beta version of the Android application is already available on the Playstore.

A Twitteratti says:

“Is there any way to see my tip history? I sent several private tips, but the bot didn’t reply to each, now I don’t know which user received a tip and which not.”

A Twitterer tipped another Twitterer by:

“@nanotipbot !tip 0.0001 @robertocrypto13 tip me back”

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