Mt. Gox ex-CEO back in the crypto-world as a CTO

Mark Karpeles, the ex-CEO of the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform Mt. Gox has announced that he secured a new job at a company which is involved in cryptocurrency and he also says Bitcoin is doomed.

Based on reports, the Mt. Gox CEO who is charged with embezzlement, breach of trust and manipulation of electronic data is working with London Trust Media since the beginning of this year. In addition, Mark claims that he’s been working for various other companies on projects which were not related to cryptocurrency.

Mark Kapeles is currently the CTO of London Trust Media, world’s leading VPN service provider. The company has been involved with the cryptocurrency world for quite some time now. They were one of the initial investors of a privacy-focused digital coin, Zcash and has backed a startup that allows people to make payments through Bitcoin on Amazon named Purse.

The co-founder of the London Trust Media says he’s more than happy to have Mark working for the company. He adds that according to him bringing in a seasoned warrior makes perfect sense.

Andrew Lee, the Co-Founder, Chairman and the Lab Division Chief says:

“Mark fought as hell. And although he fell, his skills, experience and know-how unarguably continues to exist.”

Andrew Lee and Mark Karpeles have been acquainted before as Andrew had sold one of the companies to Mt. Gox and was heading Mt. Gox’s North American operation.

He further adds:

“I wouldn’t dare say that the person who architected the Titanic should never again architect again.”

During the interview, Mark spoke about Bitcoin and adds that he’s had enough of cryptocurrency. Mark adds that Bitcoin is doomed and the original purpose of Bitcoin is lost.

He says:

“The main issue with Bitcoin is that at present the community around it is kind of too polarised.”

Carl Tomlinson, a cryptocurrency trader says:

“Everyone deserves a second chance. If it was for the Bitcoin heist, Mt. Gox would’ve still been the leading Bitcoin exchange platform. The price did see a huge hike when he took over the company. I sure do hope that he does a brilliant job here.”

This news has come into the limelight right after Mark Karpeles had an AMA on Reddit where he was seen making some shocking revelations related to Mt. Gox, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world before it declared bankruptcy due to a Bitcoin heist worth $475 million.

Before the heist, Mt Gox was responsible for 70% Bitcoin [BTC] transactions in the world. During the AMA, Mark claimed that each shareholder will be walking away with approx. $1 billion due to the Japanese Bankruptcy Law. He said that he had no interest in the money and wanted to give back people the money they were supposed to receive.

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