‘Increased volatility in Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is the proof of a potential breakout’ – Says Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly, the Founder, and CEO of BKCM LLC, mentioned on a CNBC talk show that he wants to buy Bitcoin Cash. He also disclosed various reasons why he is choosing the cryptocurrency over the thousands of other digital assets which are available now. 

Brian is the author of a book called “The Bitcoin Big Bang – How Alternative Currencies Are About to Change the World”. 

According to Kelly, the bearish market of cryptocurrency is ending and the time has come now to invest in smaller altcoin Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

Kelly mentioned three reasons why Bitcoin Cash has to be considered for trading.

  • Monty Python Zone
  • Potential Breakout
  • Increasing Volume

Monty Python Zone is, he says, Bitcoin Cash is left for dead, but it’s actually not dead.

He has also done a basic Technical Analysis to show the world how Bitcoin Cash is going to break out soon. He mentioned that traders concentrate on Technical Analysis more than any other sources before investing in a coin.

Further, Kelly compares the chart and says that BCH has the potential to grow drastically by considering the high volatility it has shown in the past.

He was also asked about what do the investors hate about Bitcoin Cash, for which, he says:

“I’m not taking sides, I am the guy who wants buy low and sell high. “I’ll let everyone else decide about which is the right Bitcoin. I just want to make money.””

Tony Gallipi, the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Bitpay retweeted the post by CNBC and mentioned that it is a “smart move” taken by Brian Kelly.

A Reddit user commented:

“It’s nice to get this sort of exposure. The technical analysis was basic AF but whatever!”

A Cryptocurrency enthusiast on Reddit says:

“The last time he bought crypto on air, that crypto retraced and the crypto he bought was XRP”

A Bitcoin proponent says:

“Btc is btc and bch is bch… even if bitcoin goes to $1, and bitcoin cash goes to 20k, bitcoin cash will still be bitcoin cash (bch)”

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] continues to be at the 4th position in the market. The coin has had a gain of 7% in the past 24 hours. At 2.48 AM UTC, the coin was priced at $836 as per Price.AMBCrypto with a market capitalization of $14 billion.

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