Ex-Google employees form xGoogler Blockchain Alliance [GBA] for Ex-Googlers

Three former Google employees have formed the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance [GBA], a community for ex-Googlers interested in the blockchain, according to a press release published on April 15. Its aim is ‘to bring together ex-Googlers to advance each other’s ambitions in the blockchain space.’

It stated that GBA will ‘serve as a collaborative space for inquiry, dialogue and development regarding blockchain technology for Googlers’. Additionally, it helps to meet the demand for talent in the blockchain industry, which is now the second-fastest growing industry in the labor market.

The GBA is the brain-child of three Googlers-turned-blockchain-entrepreneurs, Hitters Xu, the blockchain pioneer in China and Founder of Nebulas, Daniel Wang, the Founder of Loopring, an open source protocol for decentralized exchange, and Andy Tian, the Founder, and CEO of Gifto, which is a decentralized universal gifting protocol. The community also consists of early team members, investors, and mentors.

Blockchain has a lot of scope for innovation at present and the right efforts and ideas can give rise to ‘breakthrough technologies.’

Andy Tian noted: 

“Google has always been in the forefront of new technologies worldwide, from Android to AI.  As Googlers, we can bring our unique experiences to expand blockchain’s influence, to everyone, everywhere.”

Currently active in San Francisco Bay Area, Beijing, and Shanghai, GBA is open to all Googlers from around the world who are interested in blockchain and want to contribute towards its development. 

Pompliano, a crypto capitalist said:

“The brain drain from Wall St and Silicon Valley continues”

Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn replied to Pompliano:

“That’s not brain drain when people leave a big tech company to go into blockchain. That’s actually good for all tech in those areas. Look at Bittrex.”

Pompliano replied:

“Silicon Valley and Wall Street are competing with crypto companies/projects for talent. Many of the top talent are choosing crypto over SV and WS. That is the definition of brain drain… Doesn’t mean that SV/WS still don’t benefit from crypto tech being built though.”

Rahul Sood said:

“I see your point. Brain drain to me is losing smart people to other countries. When smart people leave big companies to innovate in blockchain they’re creating the next gen internet, hopefully in the USA.”

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