Ethereum [ETH] node software – Geth and Parity negotiate the plausibility of a split

Ethereum conducted a poll from the 14th till 24th of April wherein more than 60% of Ethereum users voted against the Ethereum Improvement Proposal [EIP] 999 proposal. According to the software developers of Geth and Parity, implementation of EIP 999 would cause a split in the Ethereum community. A chaotic consequence of the split is being predicted.

Last year due to an activation of a bug in the Parity, the multi-signature wallet was compromised. The aftermath of the testing phase was that the bug froze all wallets that were operating under the Parity Library Contract. This resulted in the blocking of 580 wallets Holding 513,000 ETH. The EIP 999 intends to solve the issue by patching a contract source code which shall authorize individuals’ affected wallets and can get their money back.

Geth is a multipurpose command line tool that runs a full Ethereum node. A node allows the user to download the entire blockchain into their desktops. Geth Ethereum software is used by the majority of the Ethereum users. Péter Szilágyi, the lead developer of Geth believes that if the code is made available, it is likely to create a contentious split.

He reportedly said:

“We’re talking about exactly the same networks and we’re basically starting a tribalism war. I don’t think we’ll reach a consensus.”

Parity is an Ethereum client that allows the users to access the basic Ether and token wallet functions. Parity also provides a Graphic User Interface browser for Ethereum. Afri Schoedon, communication officer and Jutta Steiner, CEO at Parity, at the meeting, insisted the client developers sanction and approve the EIP 999 change. Steiner emphasized that implementing the code would not necessarily create a split.

CEO’s of both the competing software techs are sticking to their words. Yet the community is under major FUD as the decision is still impending. For now, Steiner has not decided to implement the changes. Parity has a reasonable amount of users interacting via their user interface; losing Parity would be a heavy loss for Ethereum.

A Reddit user criticizes saying:

“This is a game-changing moment in the history of Ethereum. I hope the Split does not happen or it will lead to the breakdown of net market value for Ethereum. I hope no one is playing politics in this.”

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