Cosmos is seeking new ways to improve blockchain!

Cosmos is a network of blockchains designed to solve long-standing problems in cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. The goal of this enterprise is to allow many sovereign and easy to develop blockchains to scale and interoperate with each other, creating an Internet of Blockchains.

The cosmos Hub functions as a platform for all inter-zone transfers and thus allows one to send tokens from one zone to another, quickly and securely, without the need for a liquid exchange or trusted third party between zones. It is interoperable, scalable, developer friendly and decentralized.

The Cosmos network on their official blog post stated:

“We estimate that the Cosmos Hub will be launching short of 3 months’ time. There are a lot of exciting announcements jam packed into this month’s update so here goes.”

They mentioned that they are going to hire 3 new people. The first person that they mentioned is Christopher Goes, who is hired for the position of Software Developer. Christopher hopes that distributed ledgers will shift the economics of network effects in favor of aligned incentives and positive-sum games. He is planning to develop a robust software infrastructure layers and reduce barrier entries to help Cosmos carry out this task. This man previously co-founded and led CUAUV.

The next important person is another software developer named David Braun who has a broad experience of diverse languages, platforms, and technologies including specialization in Node.js and 2 years of blockchain experience. He has designed a distributed computation framework designed to support autonomous operations on blockchains named Eris Worker. He is working on the Cosmos-UI, which is codenamed: Voyager.

The next person that they mentioned is Zaki Manian as the Director of Tendermint Labs. He is the Executive Director of Trusted IoT Alliance and is a prolific contributor to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The Cosmos project will be carried out under his guidance and also several other investment funds and start-ups in the space.

Jae Kwon, who coined the term ‘Hard spoon’ is expected to give a demo of the Cosmos-SDK for the first time to a live audience.

Cosmos network also stated:

“The demo of Cosmos-SDK and LotionJS will occur at roughly 7pm PST on April 6th at the hackathon, which is free to attend.”

They added:

“We may either decide to livestream from the Cosmos Twitter feed from @cosmos or livestream from the official Cosmos YouTube channel. Stay tuned for updates on Twitter.”

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