CEO of OTCBTC running for mayor of Taipei for a reason?

CEO of an Over-the-Counter [OTC] crypto exchange OTCBTC, Yi-Ting Cheng, a.k.a Xdite has announced through her Facebook post that she will be running for the Mayor of  Taiwan’s capital city Taipei.

Cheng is a developer and hacker who was the winner of the Global Grand price at Facebook’s hackathon in 2012. She served as the Chief Technical Officer at China’s platform and ran a major full-stack coding camp in China. Cheng’s OTCBTC is ranked number 68 on Coinmarketcap according to the 24-hour trading volume and describes itself as the “largest OTC exchange in Asia.”

Cheng assures that she will make Taipei great again. She says that as Taipei is near Japan, Korea and China and it is regulation friendly.

With 8 candidates running for the election who are all 60 years old or above, Cheng anticipates that there is a high probability of her winning. The 35 years old stressed that Taipei used to be a very advanced city but after 20 years things have stagnated and the law became outdated but the political figures remain the same.

Cheng said that she always wanted a mayor who would understand how business works and couldn’t find one so she decided to become one.

In a most recent episode of Humans of Bitcoin, host Matt Aaron describes Xdite as one of the most interesting interviewees he’s encountered. He probes “Bitcoin’s Renaissance Woman”, discussing her childhood spent in the 80s surrounded by electronics. In college, having majored in applied mathematics, a professor noticed Xdite’s acumen and proficiency around computers. It wasn’t long before she was in charge of it all, creating a cushy IT job for herself in the process.

she continued her hard work to push herself after she realized that there is a great big world to explore and left college to start a variety business. Along the way she taught herself computer programming languages and became so proficient that demand for her classes became an overwhelming success.

Residing in China, known for the not-so-friendly attitude, forced her from her native country, China, into the waiting digital arms of Taiwan. Fortunately for the island, now she looks to take her years of go-getter attitude and futurism into the Mayor’s office.

In January of this year, Taipei partnered with IOTA a next-generation public distributed ledger that utilizes a novel invention, called a “Tangle” which uses mathematical concepts and provides new technological blockchain innovation for residents, like ID cards for tracking citizens’ data and sensors for detecting pollution levels, as part of their goal to become a smart city.

In February, the new governor of Taiwan’s central bank expressed interest in exploring blockchain technology applications for the bank.

Therefore on one hand with Cheng CEO of a crypto exchange running for mayor and on the other hand government officials taking an interest in exploring blockchain technology in various platforms, there are high chances of the crypto market to flourish in the island of Taiwan.

Huobi News tweets that:

“Hacker. Educator. Successful businesswoman. Yi-TingCheng, better known as xdite, shocked the broader cryptocurrency world when she announced her campaign for Mayor of Taipei City”

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