Celebrations all the way to PornHub and Verge [XVG]

What came as an utter surprise to the crypto world last night, is the big mystery reveal by the Verge team. Their new partner, “the biggest collaboration in the entire industry” as they claimed earlier, is the world’s most famous website for adulterated content – PornHub.

After weeks of maintaining the deal extremely secretively, leaving the market with their guessing games, the news was definitely unexpected and a huge shock to the entire community. The market had anticipated some tech partnership, a bank tie-up, some financial collaboration like JP Morgan, PayPal, TokenPay, etc.

Pornhub's tweet

Pornhub’s tweet

A few hours ago, it was observed on the streets of New York and Silicon Valley that the PornHub team and Verge are up to some stunts. They also announced a reward of over 300K XVG as part of the celebrations on PornHub’s official Twitter account.

Pornhub's announcement

Pornhub’s announcement

Users have expressed that the wait was worth it and are supporting the currency full fledge, despite the decline in prices.

Amy Hilary says:

“This is THE biggest crypto partnership to date!!! Go, Verge! The fastest most private, secure and anonymous cryptocurrency.”

Ayun Chawla tweeted:

“Grab any layman off the street ask them to name u 3 coins they probably can’t. With porn, in a year or so. Any male 12-90 will tell u verge. Think of top of mind awareness We will have the exposure other coins can only dream of. It’s like 100million exposure of verge to users.”

Gabriel Jackson tweeted:

“Haha, this is the first post I have seen with more retweets than likes. People really want those prizes.”

Tim Carter says:

“It’s great you now accept XVG for payments on PornHub premium but I just signed up for PornHub Live and there is a just credit card payment option, that seems a bit shitty. Will you be accepting verge on the cams site soon?”

Peter Hernandez commented on a blog post:

“The step verge took is incredible, good job on their team! you have a new member, I got premium today with XVG!!!”

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