Blockchain is one of the traditional toilet tanks believes many Brits

Inty, an award-winning pioneer in the distribution of Cloud services, conducted a survey in Britain where they asked a bunch of people about terms related to cryptocurrencies such as blockchain or cryptography. According to the survey, Britain’s knowledge of cryptocurrency or any other related technical terms is very poor.

When asked about cryptocurrency, about 38% thought that it was related to funeral finance. In addition, a strong 41% believe that blockchain is one of those traditional toilet tanks with a pull chain.

Due to this, Inty published a dictionary called ‘Techionary’ for an easier understanding of technological terms. The dictionary even has a dedicated page that says that the reason behind this is the speed at which the technology is growing, along with its ever-growing names and acronyms.

Henry Cowell, a crypto-currency investor says:

“This is totally false. Every other person I’ve encountered so far knows what cryptocurrency is. How can a majority portion of the kingdom be ignorant of the word cryptocurrency espically when Bitcoin is booming across the globe.”

Dave McCallen, a crypto-trader by night and a software engineer by day says:

“No wonder Britian is going down the drain. Their golden era is done. First the news of Brixit and now this poll. This is an evidence that the country no longer has a clue about what’s happening in the world and the revolution we are stepping into.”

Kenneth Sebastian, a Bitcoin trader says:

“Couldn’t they have thought of anything apart from toilet tanks and funeral finance? I mean funeral finance is the best they could get.”

Josephine Taylor, a crypto-evangelist says:

“I find it hard to belive this. There must be more to this. I mean Britian can’t be lagging this behind in terms of technology. They should probably question more 2000 people and then we can talk”

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