Bittrex temporarily seizes new user sign ups once again to improve their interface

Bittrex, the US-based blockchain platform for real-time trading and security services had to go offline for a while last night after an overwhelming response from new users. The registrations are temporarily withheld until all functionalities are back in operation normally. The platform paused all registrations and operations and are working restlessly since then to fix the interface and reopen signups again.

Bittrex had recently tweeted:

Bittrex's tweet

Bittrex’s tweet

Jacob Marley, a Bittrex user expressed his claim:

“When you think that Bittrex can’t do the things worst… boom they go through a new ATH. Well done lads. Those 10 minutes were the best 10 min of my life.”

With the major growth in the crypto-space in the month of December last year, Bittrex had temporarily shut down all new registrations until their next infrastructure upgrade.

They had announced just a little while before the last night’s suspension that new users can register on the exchange once again on the new interface and an enhanced website. Just when the registrations started pouring in, the platform could handle no more and had to forcibly shut down for a short duration.

Bittrex's announcement

Bittrex’s announcement

Adam Marcel, a Binance user commented:

“LOL, You guys have had 4 months to hire new people, increase the system to handle heavy traffic, and implement new support AND do a dry test run of a re-opening to see if u can handle it. Looks like “another FAIL. Sorry Bittrex, but u will never catch up with Binance.”

Users were frustrated and impatient during the temporary seize as it was a peak trading time and Bittrex is one of the biggest platforms out there in the market. The team is still working on it and there is no official announcement yet if the glitches were taken care of.

Richie Paulo, a speculator said:

“Great time to add Bitcoin Private you know, while you guys (and gals) are rearranging the servers, changing furniture around….”

Mayhem Maria, also a Bittrex user and a day trader tweeted:

“If I wanted a difficult shitty platform I would use Binance. PLEASE give us an option to go back the old format. You guys don’t even have a LAST button on your buy and sell.”

Anand Thomson, another Bittrex user expressed his discomfort:

“When I Sell, Buy or Cancel complete, Available Balance is not updated, please fix it and the most annoying thing among several others, like we can’t see more than 10 entries on lists. The new interface is really ugly developers team please change back to the old one :(“

Satyajit complained:

“Dear Bittrex, your exchange was my all-time favorite…. WAS! Are you completely nuts? There is a reason why I don’t use Binance, now it is the same shit…you will lose many, many users with this “improvement” C’mon, April 1st fool’s day is over, give us the old interface back!!! NOW”

The latest tweet from the team said:

“Thank you for your patience as we work to reopen signups for new users. We’re getting closer to a fix, and we’ll resume new customer registrations as soon as possible.”

CEO, Bill  Shihara quoted:

“We’ve spent the past four years building Bittrex on the founding principles of innovation, security and responsibility. Given these principles, pausing new user signups during a period of immense trading volume was not a decision we took lightly, but our responsibility to provide customers with a reliable platform and outstanding customer service, made it the right thing to do.”

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