Binance had no plans for USD pairs anytime soon confirms Zhao Changpeng [CZ]

Binance, the largest exchange platform for cryptocurrencies in terms of trading volume confirmed all the rumored news about allowing users to buy digital tokens with dollars to be “fake”

CZ, the founder tweeted today:

“While we cannot predict the future, others keep attempting it on us. Both news is not accurate. We are working with banks to support fiat, but no plans for USD. Be careful around predictive “crystal ball” news. Neither XVG nor XRP involved.”

Users have been mocking him for the typographical error where he mentioned Ripple [XRP] as XPR. That might be a minor error but in the cryptocurrency world, there is no room for error, and if there is one, it is not spared, says a speculator.

Jimmy, an XRP enthusiast says:

“He said no “XPR” involved, meaning XRP still has a chance!”

Last week, social media platforms and blog posts were circulating articles saying Binance will introduce dollar transactions which in turn pushed the so-called altcoins over the edge, like Monero and EOS.

Binance consistently ranks No. 1 on the list of exchanges globally. It handled $2.2 billion of trading in the past 24 hours and currently only supports trades between cryptocurrencies, meaning clients can swap one token for another but not for a traditional currency like dollar or euro.

Binance tethered Cardano to USDT as a trading pair along with ADA/BNB earlier this week. XRP/BTC, EOS/BTC are all the top traded pairs on Binance with huge volumes competing for each other.

Miranda Hurley, a Twitterati says:

“Just start with EUR pairs as you are in Europe now. Anyway, Thanks for the transparency and incredible motivation to strengthen the community.”

Julie Simon, a day trader says:

“CZ, I predict that you will lose business if you do not adopt fiat/USD soon – Coinbase and Kraken support and other exchanges will give the people what we want – instant ability to convert crypto into fiat so we do not lose when BTC price goes down – give us USD :-)”

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