Will sites like Pornhub accept Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] or other cryptocurrencies?

Although there has been a slump in Google searches for “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum” and other cryptocurrencies, the searches for porn related keywords has always maintained its high. Bitcoin searches peaked to an all-time high in December last year while searches for porn related websites like “pornhub” or “xnxx” has remained high always.

Comparison of the keyword "Bitcoin" and "Pornhub"

Comparison of the keyword “Bitcoin” and “Pornhub”

Porn for people:

Porn has been an essential part of life for a lot of people, ritualistic perhaps with a particular time in the day dedicated to porn. There was a study conducted by the University of Montreal where scientists went on a hunt to find guys that haven’t watched porn ever. They weren’t able to find any.

Simon Louis Lajeunesse, a professor at University of Montreal reacting to the results of the study says,

“We couldn’t find any”

A study by a UOC, Washington identified that watching porn starts sooner than what people assumed earlier. Kids (of both genders) start watching porn by the ages of 11 to 13, rather than previously assumed 14-15. Access to laptops and smartphones have made it easier for the millennials to access porn.

Beehive Alpha, a study center at Siliguri recently released their data on spending demographics in their study of ‘Porn Viewing Habits’. Their study revealed that men and women aged between 31 and 46 have the highest probability of spending on porn websites mainly due to increased disposable income.

However, there has been a growing trend of people aged between 21 and 26 paying for premium porn primarily for quality. 4K and UHD videos are a craze among the newer generation.

Dazai Minako, a fashion photographer from Ginza says,

“If you watch something you better watch in good quality, we have the advanced visual processors like 4k tvs and large screen phones but all porn videos seems so old and primitive. I don’t mind paying [for a premim version]”

So what’s the problem:

Anonymity has been a big issue. Although major players like Pornhub makes sure your credit card purchases don’t say “pornhub” a lot of other porn websites have their websites’ name attached to your monthly statement. Despite the layers of secrecy that certain porn video aggregators provide, people believe that complete anonymity is the only thing that will make them comfortable for a purchase.

Prithvi Bisht (pseudo name), an AI programmer from Bengaluru says,

“I will never pay for porn if my identity to get compromised anywhere. I accept that I do watch porn but I don’t want my payments or bank statements showing I pay for dizz shit..”

Daniel Nam, a Bitcoin investor from Holland says,

“If I had to pay through ETH or BTC, the probability of me taking a premium version is much higher. You remain hidden and still enjoy :)”

"Katie" from Pornhub replies to a question about accepting Bitcoin

Pornhub replies to a question about accepting Bitcoin

Johane B, from Durban says,

“Four years ago, someone had asked “Katie_Pornhub” in their reddit account if they would accept bitcoins, still no reply :/ They should really consider it, it would change a lot of things and revenue will triple even in this shitty downtrodden market”

Our reporters recently tried to avail the “premium” account of Pornhub and tried to get in touch with the payment handlers of Pornhub, Epoch Payment Solutions. We requested them to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum as our CC or Debit cards didn’t work. They said,

“We won’t be accepting Bitcoins anytime soon”

Sites like Brazzers, Pornhub and others accepting cryptocurrencies would according to analyst increase the revenues of the porn industry and make it more accessible for people without credit cards or people who are uncomfortable sharing their payment information. There have been multiple ICOs in the first leg of 2018 that are already coming up with payment solutions for the porn industry, will have to wait and see where the industry is heading.

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