TRON [TRX]’s tech team gets another addition with Test Net date just a week away!

TRON [TRX], one of the most “active” teams in the cryptocurrency world is yet again under the media limelight with another addition to their tech team just a little more than a week before the launch of Test Net, scheduled to go live on March 31st.

According to the official tweet from Tron Foundation, Aaron Wang, Former R&D engineer of perfect world Co., Ltd is the new addition.

Tron Foundation tweets about the new addition on their tech team

Tron Foundation tweets about the new addition on their tech team

Aaron Wang was a senior R&D engineer of the Perfect World Co., Ltd. He will now be responsible for the R&D of the bottom contract of TRON. He developed an interest in blockchain technology in 2015 and with TRON testnet accelerating, the rapid growth of the technical team attracted many high-level talents of which Wang is one.

Tron’s Test Net is something that the TRON community has been looking forward to as it removed the Ethereum dependency and opens doors for TRX to a wider user base.

Followers are going nuts, flooding the account with tweets and comments. Here are a few:

Kory Jackson said:

“Good luck Aaron! TRX is creating the best team in crypto no doubt. Justin Sun has done most of the things right. I doubt there is anybody else who has done such grand homework before launching the platform!!”

Mary James tweeted:

“He is from Perfect World; the company’s initial public offering on the Nasdaq was completed in July, 2007. Could that be one of the interested NasdaQ Company Justin Sun talked about.”

Selena commented:

“Holee Moly, another one, Welcome to the spaceship, take your sit and have a good fly!”

Silvester says:

“Test net and main net, I wouldn’t expect too much increase, wait till developers start building on Tron platform. The Sky is the limit.”

When asked about the new venture and new team, Wang quoted:

“Joining TRON after leaving Perfect World is one of the most important decisions for my career as it is a brand-new challenge. I am knowledgeable in blockchain field, coins, and chains. I have been attentive enough to TRON project founded by Justin Sun and I feel very fortunate joining him and his team. I am very happy and I think TRON has a very strong technical team. With broad prospects for development, my devotion will be to the fullest.”

Justin Sun, founder of TRON also expressed his delight:

“Aaron Wang is an extremely passionate colleague and his obsession with blockchain technology is commendable. He is passionate and willing to learn in his free time even if he is in other industries. We highly appreciate your spirit.”

At press time, TRON [TRX] was trading at $0.049 to a token showing a massive 65% growth in the past 7 days and a 38% growth just in the past 24 hours. Analysts say that TRON could be poised for much bigger gains in the coming months especially with the launch of Test Net this month followed by the Main Net very soon.

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