TRON [TRX] test net live on Nasdaq’s screen and more announcements

The announcement of the announcement has been on since today morning by Tron Foundation and Justin Sun, Founder of TRON regarding the Test Net launch as only one day is remaining for the same. The team has even announced the ‘good news’ on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square and increasing the curiosity in the Tron fam.

Tron Foundation announced the same on their Twitter feed:

“#TRX $TRX The #TRON testnet is live, marking the completion of the infrastructure for the TRON ecosystem. To celebrate, we announced the good news on the @Nasdaq screen in Times Square! The foundation is here and TRON keeps going!”

Preceding which they announced that the team and Justin Sun will be live on Periscope from 10:00 am to 11:20 am.

The announcement made by the Tron Foundation which was retweeted by Justin Sun says:

“#TRX $TRX The live stream of @Justinsuntron and #TRON technical team is 10:00 am, March 31st (GMT + 8), we will post the link of live stream at that time, see you there.”

The team will be discussing various topics during the live session on Periscope, an Android app known for its live streaming. The main topics to be covered by the team are:

  • The technical feature of TRON TestNet
  • The technical feature of TRON MainNet which will be released on May 31st, 2018

The other topics which will be cover include a brief discussion about TRON’s products, technologies, ongoing and future plans, display of wallet, blockchain explorer and other products.

Wolfy, a TRX investor says,

“Here comes the market cap bouncing back hopefully at the end of US week. A shame as TRX should be closer to double its price if that cap wasn’t buttomed out. Lets hope 0.06+ tomorrow. Come on everyone lets double down our holding.”

Tron Chan, a TRON entusiast says,


Ismael Salas, Owner of Realtor at eXP Realty NWA Branch and a crypto-trader says,

“Is just a Test Net, why so much hype? A test net does not deserve so much hype, bring on the mainnet and technical details, proof that TRX is better than ETH and then we talk”

Amit Ahuja, a Twitterati says,

“All of us have high expectations from Test Net, tech progress & coin burn so hopefully we hope to see some radical change tomorrow which will boost #TRX #TRON to achieve Top 5 slot too!.”

Irrespective of all these announcements, the TRON fam is awaiting for announcements regarding the coin burn which was promised by the TRON Foundation.

Daniel, a TRON investor says,

“Where’s my coin burn”

Ashithi Khanna, a crypto-trader and crypto-enthusiast says,

“So, can we expect an announcement regarding the coin burn tomorrow or will it happen tomorrow itself.”

According to CoinMarketCap, Tron is currently in the 11th postion and is trading at $0.042 with a market capital of $2 billion. Many TRON speculators are expecting the price to go up soon.

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