TRON [TRX] claims the #12 spot – TRX to moon?

TRON [TRX] started to gain traction from 24th of March this year. Since then it has been steady and on the go. The momentum that it gained has not died out yet and it has given the optimum results. TRON is now dubbed as the 12th largest coin in the world and is priced at $0.046 at press time with a market capital of $3.042 billion.

Previously, it was one rank below at number 13. TRON gained a 3.42% hike in the price within the last one hour, an 8.27% in the last 24 hours and 18.57% in the last week. The statistics show that the coin is up for a bull run.

Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON Foundation stated on Twitter:

“On my way back to Top 10”

Justin Sun's tweet

Justin Sun’s tweet

The top 12 rankings on CoinMarketCap are thus:


Rankings on CoinMarketCap

The countdown given on the official website of TRON shows that it is just 2 days and 8 hours away from launching its Test Net. Experts are of the opinion that TRON has finally started to defy Bitcoin as the Bitcoin prices have dropped by 10.97% in the last one week. But they also say that the Test Net launch may not guarantee a hike in the price but it will definitely contribute towards its growth.

A Technical Analyst says:

“Im of the opinion that this bullish trend will continue it it hits the $0.05 mark and it may experience a dip back to 0.04 range. So folks my strong advice is to HODL till the launch of testnet which is on March 31.”

Another analyst is of the opinion:

“The bearish trend line is now broken at it seems like it will moon. TRX will soon dominate the showbiz and expand even to other industries as well. With the testnet launch, we will be seeing it go onto 2000 Satoshis.”

A Twitterati says:

“TRON goes up one cent. MOON SOON, LAMBOS RIGHT AROUND CORNER. hahaha I have some though. $.50 by years end? $50 billion market cap is possible for tron this year, the only problem is major coins need to go in the right direction first”

Another Twitteratti said:

“No doubt. My tron investments are literally HODL only. The sit there, and I don’t even trip. A couple of years will tell. The project is amazing, question is the execution.”

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