Trial Token Platform to Put the ‘Justice’ back in Justice System

Are you a felon? You might be surprised to find out that the answer is most likely ‘yes!’

In the long-ago past, it was presumed that every reasonable person could be expected to know the law, because the laws were mostly commonsensical. Kill some one? Felon. Rape someone? Felon. Rob someone? Felon.

How about picking up a pretty feather and taking it home? Peeing in the bushes next to a road? Connecting to someone’s unsecured WiFi? Telling a park ranger that you cleaned up your picnic table when you missed some trash? Unfortunately, all of these, depending on jurisdiction and the discretion of prosecutor, could make you a felon.

And the cost and complexity of the legal system goes far beyond ‘click-or-ticket.’ If you find yourself in an intellectual property case, employment dispute, or wrongful injury dispute, your troubles are just beginning.

The sad fact is that the high-cost and high-difficulty of being involved in legal action can lead to a lot of bad outcomes for regular people.

They may:

  • fail to bring claims
  • settle too soon
  • lose work product
  • go into bankruptcy
  • get sick
  • experience relationship troubles
  • etc.

It was to help people in just this kind of predicament that Trial Funds Society was created. Trial Funds Society is a non-profit that is committed to providing information and resources to its members and others in the pursuit of establishing legal rights and giving access to justice.

A key element of what Trial Fund Society hopes to provide for people is a new crowdfunding platform. Right now they are in the process of creating a new ERC-20 token called TrialToken which will help them develop and run the platform.

Once underway, if you, say, get accused of unlawfully using an image on your website, you can go on the platform and submit your story. The case will be reviewed by Trial Fund Society experts and the case will be published to the platform, where regular investors can find it. If they feel your cause is just, or they feel that you have a good chance of winning, then they can contribute to you.

After the case has been adjudicated successfully or settled, then the investor will recoup their investment along with a nice little profit.

This will be a win-win-win. The person who needs to wrestle with the legal bureaucracy gets the help they need, the investor gets to profit and feel good about helping a good cause, and the justice system gets to be held to its highest standard of dispensing justice.

For many, the idea of crowdfunding to support legal action may seem a bit odd, but this is not in fact, Boston based Lex Shares raised 25 million to develop exactly this kind of platform. It is natural in a day and age when the laws are so labyrinthine there is no way to be aware of them. Trial Token seeks to do Lex Shares one better by applying blockchain and smart contract technology to the process.

Some types of cases that might be funded via Trial Token:

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