Ripple [XRP]’s new Cheif Market Strategist’s next move!

Cory Johnson was the recent buzz in the crypto-world when he joined Ripple as the new Cheif Market Strategist straight from being Bloomberg TV’s host. Prior to this, he was the founding editor of Slam Magazine, Vibe Magazine, and The Street.

The new Market Strategy Analyst recently spoke to Yahoo Finance regarding crypto regulations. He has finally ended up in the crypto world as an executive who stated:

“Crypto regulation will ‘separate the wheat from the chaff.”

The official Twitter handle of Ripple posted:

Ripple's Tweet

Ripple’s Tweet

From the track record, he was the second prominent person from Bloomberg TV joining the crypto-world after Kevin Worth, former CFO of Bloomberg Digital Media who joined as the CEO of Bitcoin news site and live events business at CoinDesk.

Cory Johnson revealed recently that he has followed cryptocurrencies and blockchain for a long time but he dived into it specifically towards the end of 2017 when the entire markets prices soared. Cory explained his motives, future moves, XRP and its regulations and what he found unique about Ripple in a talk on Yahoo Finance. He explained why it is an enterprise software company and not just merely a crypto company.

Cory stated:

“The intrinsic value in these coins, or in these assets, isn’t there from my perspective at the time, which is totally biased now. It’s just hoping somebody else is going to find it there.”

He continued:

“But what I saw in Ripple was something different than what I see in some of these other ones, and certainly a lot of these ICOs. Ripple is capable enough of demonstrating an intrinsic value for XRP. Some of these sillier coins and assets don’t have this and will never have.”

As a major part of his new role, he will undoubtedly reach out to the public, clarifying and tell Ripple stories to worthy clients and traders.

He then quoted:

“It’s an enterprise software company trying to solve issues around payments for banks, and eventually for companies as well. Along with that, it is sitting on an asset: about $61 billion in XRP. So it certainly has both those components.”

Adding on, he said:

“We are trying to use the asset to create an enterprise software business, where we’ll be charging for enterprise software just like any other enterprise software out there, whether it’s Salesforce or Oracle or SAP.”

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies need regulations. ‘Thank god for so many scams’, Cory concluded when questioned about his views on ICO ad bans by Google and Facebook.

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